Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Selling with Simple Links

The shopping-cart buying process is a poor fit for smart phones.

Consider coming to this blog from your phone or tablet. Maybe you heard about a presentation given by Jason at a recent Plug and Play Tech Center event and you wanted to get the slides for $.99.

Or you might have received a tweet about the latest issue of Sidelines magazine (left).

The publishers of these items use Bitmenu to create links to their files.  By including these simple links in this blog post, this page becomes a point of sale.  Nothing was embedded, nor was a code snippet needed.   The publisher gets paid and the buyer gets the product.

You can use your mobile device to pay for and get these items as well.  Upon clicking the link, you go to the payment provider, and, upon successful purchase, download directly to your PC/Mac, Android or even to an iPhone or iPad, to be saved in iBooks.

Creating links with Bitmenu enables sales and delivery for immediate consumption and lasting impact.