Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Production Push, to Vista with Love

We just pushed to production and I'd like to highlight two notable changes (of many) that folks will see.

Vista users will have a bit friendlier experience when using our downloader. Previously files were automatically downloaded to the "Desktop", but due to Vista's different foldering-system, the "Desktop" was not easily navigable for many users. Windows XP and Windows 7 users don't have this problem. Windows Vista Open Dialog We're out to make all of our user's experience easy, so have changed the system for Vista users. When a file is downloaded, it is now saved to the "Documents" folder, and the file Explorer is automatically opened to the save-to location.

The second change is subtle, but should make every transaction smoother. We're now sending dual-formatted HTML/plaintext email receipts to users. They no longer have the scary-long URL links that we exposed in previous emails. They also provide a way to side-load content into all supported systems. So go ahead, save directly to iTunes, iBooks, or whatever supported destination there is.

Our goal is to produce the most open and reliable delivery system on the market. These new improvements create a smoother user experience when they come into play.