Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Customer Love

At Bitmenu, our most direct communications with end users happen through our customer services.  We engage each customer purchase issue as an opportunity to learn and grow while supporting our publishers.  After all, publishers have enough to worry about producing content and sharing their Bitmenu links through posts and emails.

Users remind us to recognize that sharing links and files is still very new.  Different machines and browsers behave differently.  Most users have not knowingly downloaded large files.  And, many network connections are not reliable.

We have seen users downloading from race courses over mobile phone networks, from highly secure military and corporate networks, and from iPads while in the stables with their horses.  Immediate gratification means the purchase and delivery happens when the impulse strikes.

Some browsers encounter a network hiccup and report the download is complete (we call this a "false positive").  A quick look at the file's properties verifies the case.  Users can always retry a failed download until they succeed.  After paying, the links don't expire until the content is fulfilled, even months later.  

We are aggressive with refunds.  If a user has any post-download issue (I lost my file, my machine blew up, I bought it at work but want it on my home machine, it was really for my son in college, etc) we don't ask questions.  When we see the file was downloaded and no longer available, we refund and invite them to try their purchase again through the link we share with them in our email response. 

We want satisfaction and we love hearing from customers. The thanks we get, and the repeated additional purchases from users who interact with us, make us realize the value of customer services. Reducing customer support issues through technology is part of the job at Bitmenu.