Friday, April 8, 2011

Direct to iPad Delivery for e-Books

We are proud to announce direct delivery to iPad or iPhone for purchased PDF or ePUB products - with no app required.

Now a customer can buy and take delivery to their Apple device and start reading immediately on that device.  They can still download to their computer and then synch using iTunes, of course, but the new direct download capability enables buyers to respond to the momentary urge to buy and read e-books and presentations while they are on the go.

Bitmenu direct delivery to PCs, Macs, Android and iOS devices opens up non-bookstore distribution for a myriad of publications, such as travel guides on the road, speaker slides at conferences, workbooks in class, and novels at the beach.

Publishers producing standard ePUB and PDF products shorten production timelines, slash publication costs and remove the approval bottlenecks associated with custom apps for content.

Best of all, authors and publishers are in control of the entire process: they can create special offers for events and appearances, watch purchases as they happen and see their account balance growing in real time.