Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Zappos to Build Las Vegas Campus

While Apple is the clear superstar of bricks and mortar retailing in recent years, we might see something else brewing from Amazon's Zappos subsidiary.  This article tells us to pay attention and watch what develops as Zappos takes over the old City Hall of Las Vegas and creates its own "Sim City", called The Downtown Project.

Here's a snippet:

Zappos has big plans for Downtown Vegas. Huge, in fact. It is moving its headquarters from the suburbs to the former City Hall Downtown, and Hsieh is personally spending $350 million of his own money to make it the most connected, community-driven downtown in the country. Think of an elaborate corporate campus with a hair dresser, a food court, and a gym, and multiply that by 69 gazillion. Zappos’s campus will be Downtown Vegas, and Hsieh is making sure it has everything his employees would need within walking distance.

So while this does not mention a specific shopping venues, it's Las Vegas and it's Zappos.  The project is designed to become a community for Zappos employees and a spawning ground for new businesses.  We think "re-imagining retail" will require experiments such as this.