Saturday, June 2, 2012

"I Don't Know The Answer To Your Question"

This is how Ari Emanuel responded to the issues raised at the recent D10 conference when it comes to generating quality paid content for less than the $2-3 million per episode now required to produce what is on TV today.  While most of the controversy generated by this session deals with copyright infringement, his core argument is a plea for a way that creative people can generate enough money online to justify the kinds of investment in new projects that they now enjoy.  It sounds like he's committed to working on this.

In short, how creators get paid for their premium content needs a new model.

The firestorm erupted when Ari was asked:

"Say someone drives to my house and steals something from me.  You are saying you should hold the car company and the city who makes the road responsible for the crime?"

There will be plenty of talk about how to deal with copyright through methods to police infringement.  At Bitmenu, we have a different idea.  We have put in place methods to monetize redistribution of content.  Why not encourage buyers to tell their friends and get a piece of the action?  Some 2% of our sales come from this method already.  We think it's an idea whose time has come.