Friday, April 27, 2012

Mass Intelligence

The Economist Group has created a series of articles that is recommended reading for anyone using Bitmenu as a platform for delivery of their digital media.  As the image at left suggests, our current media landscape is dominated by delivery mechanisms that effectively target and serve "mass" and "elite" audiences.

Along with the rise of social media, casual purchasing and digital delivery, the Rise of the Mass Intelligent audience might be just as important.  

"There remains a large audience for high-quality journalism and media. To survive in the digital world, publishers shouldn’t appeal to the lowest common denominator, but instead focus on targeting the mass intelligent. And it may come as a shock that, at the end of the day, this may mean making your publication smarter, more intelligent and a little nerdier."

The lesson here for content creators and publishers?  Don't ignore the nerdier aspects of your brand and your fans.  Distribute your most popular materials freely, and at the same time charge for high quality, high fidelity and enhanced versions.  The mass intelligent will thank you!