Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bitmenu's Purpose

This blog allows us to speak openly about how Bitmenu fits in the world and how it compares to what's going on elsewhere.  It's also a good vehicle to speak about what we at Bitmenu are doing.  I'm going to use an excellent outline provided by Nilofer Merchant.

Our goal is to enable creators of media to build sustainable businesses around their creations.  It's a pretty simple idea.  The tools available for creating and consuming great stuff exist, but building a business from sharing is challenging even the most established organizations, to say nothing of individual producers.

We see being paid simply for delivery as a vital, missing component.  With Bitmenu, creators can introduce their works to new audiences and interact with their known customers without requiring tedious registration and financial information.

Our method has been to participate with each new way people create and deliver digital content.  We started by helping podcasters, since that is what we were doing at the Stanford Professional Publishing Courses.  We made our system work with standard browsers, mobile devices and social media services to invite participation from creators of a wide range of genres and interests.

We make it a pleasure to buy and a fun to sell.  While making money is serious business, we designed the Bitmenu purchase flow to be as easy as possible.  Buyers just buy and take delivery, and Sellers get paid.  Fulfilling that purpose is a great pleasure for all involved.

This blog enables us to take our message directly to those who are contemplating how to direct their talents, how to engage their audience, and how to sustain their efforts.  Please share this message with those who need to hear it.  Also continue to share your feelings and suggestions with us.

For our part, we will speak about how to use Bitmenu from a seller's perspective as well as the buying process.  We've watched our first set of publishers develop production workflows and promotion timelines.  We will continue to use this blog to paint the picture of how creators are building sustainable businesses.