Thursday, March 24, 2011

Technology Platform

We are publishers. The founding team at Bitmenu is made up of video podcasters, all publishing our own independent content. We found that there wasn't a viable way to sustain our publishing efforts through advertising, and set out to build a platform to solve that problem.

Bitmenu's technology stack stands on the shoulders of giants, including Amazon's AWS, PayPal's Adaptive Payments, Google's GWT, Apple's iTunes, and Facebook's Social Plugins. It is constantly evolving, as we add and iterate new features, but the fundamental building blocks are the same: servers in the cloud deliver content to buyers all over the world who download the files using any kind of device. In turn, sellers have the tools to engage their community and audience to make their content better, and buyers have a simple and clean purchase experience.

The platform has a lot going on behind the scenes to make your experience as a publisher, or as the audience, as simple and easy as possible. We'll be posting snapshots of aspects of the platform in the coming weeks, to give a glimpse behinds the scenes. Subscribe to our feed and follow the story.