Tuesday, January 1, 2013

TV is Getting Coffee

We consider Louis CK as a pathfinder when it comes to how comedians and others can use technology to reach their audience and profit from the relationship.  I don't think comedians do it just for fun.  They want to make money at it.  They think about this a lot.

For example, click the image to view the embedded episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.  It shows that we are not the only ones exploring new business models for creative artists and producers. At the 8:48 min mark, Mel Brooks endorses Louis CK.

TV shows like this are looking for lower cost methods to produce episodes that generate enough of an online audience to sustain the effort.  Note the use of lavalier mics taped to jackets, members of the film crew visible for some cuts, etc.  Considering that these men revolutionized the sitcom, it's worth paying attention to where they are looking and what they are saying.

As Carl Reiner, Mel Brooks, Jerry Seinfeld and others follow the path of Louis CK, they will build in direct sales mechanisms.  We expect these experiments to continue!