Sunday, September 30, 2012

Get Your Hi-Res Audio

Neil Young has tried for years to get Apple to deliver High Fidelity digital audio files in 192kHz/24-bit sound.  Now he's produced a new service to do what Apple will not.

Read what Rolling Stone magazine says about his Pono service and player.  We will have to stay tuned to learn more.

"His reasons are so not based in commerce, and based in just the desire for people to really feel the uplifting spirit of music," Flea said in defense of Young. "MP3s suck. It's just a shadow of the music."

Neil appeared for a video interview with the WSJ's Walt Mossberg last year, and Pono seems to be one outcome from his work since then.

Bitmenu handles higher resolution files with ease.  Users download and play them on the device of their choosing.  Since the files are larger than MP3s, they are harder for users to share through emails.  Any artist or producer who is looking to deliver Hi-Res audio would be welcome to write us at