Sunday, August 19, 2012

Digital Theater Downloads Extend Performances

Every so often we see evidence of sustainable business models built around distribution of digital media.  When we look into how purchases are made and media delivered, we think of how Bitmenu is different and could be used for similar purposes.

In this case, a group in the UK sells theater performances:

Digital Theatre works in partnership with the leading theatre companies and arts organisations in the country to bring the best theatre to your desktop or television screen.

As Apple TV and other internet-connected solutions bring video to the television set, people will choose to view purchases this way as well as through well-known "stores".  This review provides a great example of how this niche service is used.  As noted, the site requires registration.  Users have to create a userID and password.  They must also supply personal information, including mailing address, and credit card information.  In other words, VOD sites like this have to build a relationship with the user before they can sell anything.

Bitmenu makes it easy for users to buy without sign up or registration.  Users pay and download their purchase without handing over any of the information mentioned.  They use their Amazon or PayPal account and Bitmenu verifies the transaction prior to releasing the download.

For niche VOD services, Bitmenu enables a unique casual purchase makes buying so easy they are easy to recommend.