Saturday, February 18, 2012

What Alternatives to Bitmenu Miss

Recent news about Gumroad and Kout bring up the excitement level related to selling through social media using just a link.  Both are nicely designed interfaces that create a link that Sellers can post anywhere.  As with the Bitmenu service, these links require payment before the item being sold is made available.

Both services charge similar service fees as Bitmenu (see our pricing).

What is different occurs after a payment is made.

As several commenters have noted, with other services a buyer can easily share their access link to the item they have purchased, thereby providing the item for free to their friends.   Bitmenu does not reveal a single URL for fulfillment.  The download link is unique to each transaction. Once it is fulfilled, anyone else using that path is given the opportunity to buy.

It's human nature to share with friends.  Our records show some 2% of sales through Bitmenu have been generated by the confirmation email being shared.  In fact, we encourage buyers to share their purchase tickets: