Friday, June 24, 2011

Production Push: Self-Service Publishing Now Live

Last night (for the first time), outside users could sign up at and publish on their own.

Depending on file sizes and upload speeds, it took less than an hour for some users to get setup, supply their content, connect to their payments account and receive simple links to their files that require payment before download.

Each link we create ensures payment before a download is authorized, our plug-in manages most file transfers, and our reporting itemizes each sale and identifies each buyer to publishers.

For us, this has been a long process of inspiration, review and iteration.

We recognize that our publishing interfaces are not slick, but they work. We have already produced thousands of Bitmenu links on behalf of our publishers. As we watch users create their own links, we'll have the best possible data on which to refine our systems.

Please consider Bitmenu "open for business", get started, and let us know how it goes. We will be right there with you to answer questions and help anyway we can.